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Windows PowerShell - Taking It To The Next Level
אודות הקורס
This three days course provides students with in depth knowledge and skills on how to use Windows PowerShell 4.0 and 5.0 for advanced automating administration of Windows based servers and clients.
מטרת הקורס
  • Re-visit the concepts behind Windows PowerShell - architecture & considerations
  • Working with Pipeline - review alternatives, and their Pros and Cons
  • Desired State Configuration - Deploying and maintaining configuration
  • Controlling who can do what - custom security with session configurations
  • Performance Tips
  • Security in depth - password strings, execution policies tweaks and more
  • Controlling PowerShell session variables for high demanding tasks
  • Creating advanced functions and script modules
  • Remoting - all the considerations - Performance and Architecture factors
  • Working with Azure and Office 365
  • Working with the .NET framework extensively, using COM objects etc
  • Taking background jobs to the next level
  • Using PowerShell Get and Powershell gallery with Pshell v5.0

מבנה והיקף מסלול הלימודים
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קהל יעד
This course is intended for IT Professionals who are already experienced in general Windows PowerShell administration, but want to get beyond Get-Process, Get-Service, querying Active Directory objects etc. If you are into DevOps, or supporting Application servers and services including Exchange, SharePoint, SQL etc, and want to get more from your PowerShell platform, this course will bring you the answers to anything you wanted to know about PowerShell in the field, in the real world.
תכנית הלימוד של המסלול
  • Module 1: Windows PowerShell - Architecture & Considerations
  • Module 2: Going beyond the obvious tasks - Troubleshooting & Performance
  • Module 3: Security and Remoting
  • Module 4: PowerShell v5.0 - What's worth to look into
  • Module 5: Desired State Configuration
  • Module 6: Best Practices working with PowerShell
  • Module 7: One Console to rule them all
  • Module 8: Create your custom task - Advanced Lab

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