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קורס Python Programming
אודות הקורס
Python started as an educational programming language, became popular as an intelligent scripting language and is now widely accepted and highly popular as a comprehensive multi-paradigm programming language, suitable for writing applications of any size and complexity. Its enthusiastic user-base and wide standard library, with the addition of numerous third-party libraries, frameworks and extensions, make it suitable for application in any area. Especially, Python’s layered multi-paradigm architecture makes it ideal as a first programming language and allows the novice to acquire it in convenient stages, where each stage attained may be sufficient to write serious applications.
Accordingly, this course starts by arming the student with all the tools necessary for developing conventional procedural application in Python. Then, it adds advanced procedural and functional tools. Then, data abstraction and finally – the essential object-oriented tools. This way, each student emerges from the course with a substantial and useful body of knowledge. Even students who come with a rudimentary programming background are capable to accomplish much with the procedural/functional level of Python and consider the object-oriented level as enrichment.
מטרות הקורס
  • Use the default or some third-party IDE to write and run Python programs.
  • Create well organized, efficient and robust Python applications using packages, modules, functions, classes and exception handling.
  • Look up the rich Python standard and third-party libraries.
  • Apply Python language constructs, operators and the essential built-in functions and modules.
  • Understand and exploit Python’s dictionary-based access to variables and arguments.
  • Program file input/output, manipulating files and directories.
  • Unleash the full power of procedural programming in Python.
  • Apply functional programming in Python.
  • Understand the Object Oriented paradigm as applied in Python.
  • Exploit metadata exposed by the Python interpreter.

מבנה והיקף מסלול הלימודים
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קהל יעד
This course is suitable for programmers maintaining existing projects or starting new projects in Python 2 or 3.
תנאי קבלה לקורס טכנאי
תנאי קבלה
No previous knowledge of Python is assumed. However, students must be familiar with at least one structured conventional programming/scripting language. Experience writing procedural code, using iteration and selection control structures (while, for, if, else, else-if), is mandatory. Prior knowledge or experience in object-oriented programming (classes, inheritance, polymorphism) is not required
תכנית הלימוד של המסלול
 Module 1: Hands-on introduction
 Module 2: List Processing
 Module 3: String processing
 Module 4: Functions and modules
 Module 5: Functional programming in Python
 Module 6: Data abstraction in Python
 Module 7: Object-oriented programming
 Module 8: Packaging

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